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Super Pro Hydroponic System

Professional Recirculating Hydroponic System
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Superpro Water System

Superpro modular system

The modular hydroponic system from Superpro, has been designed to be the easiest and most flexible system available for serious growers. Featuring a state of the art DIGITAL controller that monitors the flood and drain (ebb & flow) sensors, and automatically water your plants based on the times you desire. Simply set the flood and the drain time and the controller takes care of the rest. Food-grade materials are used in all components, high-flowing 20mm tubing and 7 litre growing “modules” can be easily moved around. An inner module holds the growing medium, the outer module acts as a flood table. The HYDRO-SYS1 comes with the controller, the DR (Distribution Module) and 2 submersible pumps. The user purchases the growing modules in packs of (6) and can add up to 48 modules to a single controller. Tubing is supplied in 8 meter coils. *(Main nutrient reservoir not provided).