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SMSCOM Smart Fan Temperature Controller Thermal

Turn the fans on and off at different tempuratures
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SMSCOM Smart Thermal Fan Controller

SMSCOM Smart Controller Heavy Duty Fan and Temperature Controller
The SMSCOM Smart Controller is a compact ventilation controller in a plug housing. Maximum watts is 1500w and 6.5A. The SMSCOM Smart Controller is electronically controlled and provides a simple, accurate method for the correct temperature of your room. The SMSCOM Smart Controller continuously regulates the correct speed for your fans and reserves the right temperature.
• Plug and play – no wiring necessary.
• Motion Flow, continuous regulation.
• Prolong the life of your fan.
• Maximum capacity 1500w and 6.5A


  • - 1 x SMSCOM Smart Fan Thermal Controller
    - 1 x SMSCOM Thermal Sensor

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