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Platinium Super Cloner 30

High Quality Cloning Machine for 30 Cloner
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Platinium Super Cloner 30

The #Platinium Super-Cloner is an aeroponic #propagator, used to #clone plants by suspending cuttings above a spinning spray head that propels fine droplets of liquid towards the stems. This method maximises aeration and encourages rapid, vigorous root development. If you want to improve success rates, slash turnaround times and create a much more efficient indoor garden, then the Platinium Super-Cloner is for you! #Clone #Cloning #Cuttings 

- Inspired by NASA technology
- Accelerated rooting times for a quicker turnaround
- Improved cutting success rates over traditional methods
- Oxygenates root systems
- 360 degree spray head for even root coverage
- Supplied with an MZ20750CA
- Very easy to use

The Platinium Super-Cloner 30 Contains:
1 x clear lid, 1 x propagator tray with 30 neoprene foam collars (50mm), 1 x top tray, 1 x delivery pipe, 1 x MZ21100CA pump, 1 x reservoir base, 2 x Sprinklers, 1 x reservoir lid

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