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Plant Fabric Pots Grow Bags with Handles

Let the plant roots breath with fabric pots
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Greenroots Fabric Pots

Greenroots Fabric Pots offers the aeration container industry a refreshing combination of value and quality 
UV-resistant geotextile and high strength marine grade thread. 
Aeration containers are the smart choice for your plants 
Handles for easy handling
Available in 10 Different Sizes, from 1Gallon/3.8Ltr to 30 Gallon/113.6ltrs

Breathable : plants grown in breathable grow pots are air pruned and grow fibrous root systems. Roots do not circle and strangle the plant.
Drainage : fabric offers superior drainage to reduce root rot and other plant disease. You can?t overwater plants in these pots.
Keeps plants cool : plants are kept up to 20 degrees cooler in summer than plastic or clay pots.
Beneficial bacteria : the aeration allows for oxygen to get into the soil
Hydroponics and Aeroponics : a Greenroots Fabric Pot is a wonderful complement to your system. The features listed above aid the lighting, pH balance, and nutrients you working hard to perfect.

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