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Bubble Grow 4X Drip Bubbleponic DWC Top Feed System

For growing 4 large plants in one tub
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Bubble Grow© X 4 Top Feed DWC


The self watering Bubble Grow© kits have all that is required to grow plants in from seed to harvest. Growing with bubleponics and 
DWC system is one of the best and fastest ways to grow. No more messy potting mix, only clay balls, water and bubbles.

The X 4 kit comes with a slim 50L reserves which makes it perfect for tents or limited growing areas. The heavy duty reserve has a grommet and inline tap so that the nutrients can easily emptied from the reserve.

The X 4 kit comes with one 5" net pot and 50L reserve which is idea for growing four large plants in highly productive indoor gardens. The 50L reserve comes with a grommet and inline tap to empty the water during nutrient changes. Unlike other systems the Bubble Grow  X 4 comes with a large 15cm long air stone which is required to supply ample oxygen to your plants root system as well as keep the nutrient freshly stired. Also all the bits used are can be replaced easily and are available for from Bubble Grow.

This system is idea for the beginner or the professional gardener to grow 4 large plants indoors. 

Bubble Grow© X 4 Kit set comes with:

  • -      50L Heavy Duty Black Plastic Reserve
  • -      Heavy Duty Black Plastic Lid
  • -      Low Voltage Energy Saving Nutrient (Water) Pump
  • -      Low Voltage Energy Saving Air Pump Twin Port
  • -      4 x 5" Net Pots
  • -      8 x Rockwool 40mmx40mm cubes or Jiffy's (Please leave note if wanting jiffy's)
  • -      All Pipes and Fittings Required
  • -      Grommet and inline Tap
  • -      6"/150mm Long Air Stone
  • -      2L Clay Rocks
  • -      Instructions

Width 430mm
Height 290mm
Length 630mm